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  1. Optimising a Julia Fractal Animation

    Published: Sat 02 September 2023
    Updated: Sun 17 September 2023
    By Rahul Pai

    In misc.

    I recently came across this video on YouTube. It's a short tutorial on generating a Julia set fractal image in Rust. I've used Rust before but never with image generation or mathematics, so it looked interesting, and I followed along. By the end of the video, you have some code …

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  2. Investigating Deadlocks in Postgres

    When performing transactions on the same tables in Postgres from multiple apps, you might face deadlocks.

    You might get an error like this one (example from here):

    DBAPIError: (TransactionRollbackError) deadlock detected
    DETAIL:  Process 61086 waits for ExclusiveLock on tuple (7217,55) of relation 626383 of database 380717; blocked by process …
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  3. Local Network Speed Test

    There are multiple reasons why you might want to test the speed of you local network. For example you can test the speed between your router and your device. Or the speed between your device and a home server. For me it was the former. I wanted to make sure …

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