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  1. Muting Linter Errors in Python

    Linters and static type checker are great for finding bugs in your code, but sometimes they misunderstand or you have some other reasons for leaving the code as is. In that case you might want to mute the error(s) to allow the linting or type checking to pass, either …

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  2. Smart CLIs with Typer

    Published: Sat 06 May 2023
    Updated: Tue 29 August 2023
    By Rahul Pai

    In Python.

    The go-to library for adding CLI functionality in python is the built in argparse library. This works really well, but there is a relatively new 3rd party library called typer that boasts a number of improvements.

    Firstly, with typer, rather than configuring a parser with each argument, you can simply …

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